Honey, baby.

I've heard that eating local honey is a good way to fight allergies.  It makes sense.  Honey contains small amounts of pollen, and if it's local honey, it's local pollen.  If we can unlearn everything we've been told in the past 50 years, this would probably present itself as a tried and true method of healing.  It's a natural vaccine, if you will.
As a disclaimer I have to mention that if you have severe allergies, be careful! A few spoonfuls of honey may set you off.
And if it doesn't work? 
It's a tasty way to support local beekeepers, and local bees!

One of my favorite local beekeepers, Lynne, runs Bee Ladies Local Honey, and you can find her at numerous farmer's markets.  She also provides swarm removal, and will take those bees to her hives!  Lynne can be reached at (714) 408-0018, or justpeachybees@hotmail.com
Her markets include:
Tuesday- Seal Beach 9am-1pm and Brea 4-8pm
Wednesday- Fullerton 8am-1pm, Chino Hills 4-8pm
Thursday- Orange Circle, 2-6pm
Friday- Anaheim Hills Kaiser 10am-2pm
Sunday- Newport Beach 9am-1pm