"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." 
- Julia Child


Watching the seasons cycle...

I know that summer is peaking and heading towards fall. Not only because the kids on the street are back to school, or the warm nights are starting to cool.....but because my of my garden. 
Our corn was "knee high by the fourth of July", and is already cycled through.  I'm starting to think about what seeds to start in it's place.  The fall and winter veggies will get a great head start in the warm summer soil, and by the time they are seedlings, the weather and sun will relax.
Leafy Greens, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, OH MY!


Harvesting with friends and family is awesome.
My nephew Nathan found a watermelon that looked ready to pick.  We showed him the test to see if it's ready:   
Tap on it, and it should sound like a dull thump.  
It's important not to pick it too early.  It will only ripen on the vine, much like citrus on a tree.  If picked too soon, it will soften, but will never get any sweeter than it would have on the vine.
We ended up giving the melon to our neighbors, who said it was great.  I have to say that sharing the harvest is even more satisfying than enjoying it myself.


heirloom, or doom!

 "These resources stand between us and catastrophic starvation on a scale we cannot imagine. In a very real sense, the future of the human race rides on these materials. The line between abundance and disaster is becoming thinner and thinner, and the public is unaware and unconcerned. Must we wait for disaster to be real before we are heard? Will people listen only after it is too late."

- (The late) Jack Harlan, Professor of Plant Genetics at University of Illinois at Urbana + Author of "Crops and Man"

Summer sessions.

Lately, I've been a busy food eater.  A busy food maker, actually.  
And with or without me, my garden grows...
I am ever thankful for my hubby's helping hands and our hungry friends who can take the veggies I can't devote my time to right now.
....Just thought I'd share.