Watching the seasons cycle...

I know that summer is peaking and heading towards fall. Not only because the kids on the street are back to school, or the warm nights are starting to cool.....but because my of my garden. 
Our corn was "knee high by the fourth of July", and is already cycled through.  I'm starting to think about what seeds to start in it's place.  The fall and winter veggies will get a great head start in the warm summer soil, and by the time they are seedlings, the weather and sun will relax.
Leafy Greens, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, OH MY!


  1. Did I miss Rhubarb season? There was a small window (maybe two weeks) I saw rhubarb stocks at the grocery store...and now its gone. When is a good month to plant Rhubarb? And what would you recommend shade or sun? xoxox

  2. Rhubarb does best in cold climates, even in snow....so maybe planting it in 2 months might be as close as you can get for SoCal. You're close to the beach though, so it's a bit cooler than it is here inland. oxoxo