End of summer...........?

It will continue to be hot, but the summer is coming to an end.  School buses are all around, and the produce is starting to change at the farmers market.
Enjoy this weekend.

In Long Beach?
The Greek Fest will be bumpin' all weekend.
There will be live music, dancing, good food, and of course beer!
$3 donation is do-able too.....oh, but parking can be a b*tch.

Orange County?
Haven't been before?  Bring lotsa cash, and an appetite.  There are food booth with grub from all over the world....and of course beer.  If you go in daytime, there are craft vendors, and families.  It's lovely.  In the p.m.?   The smell of beer on asphalt, lots of drunk people that are younger than you, and major crowds....but it's fun!  I even know someone who makes a special trip down from Oakland every year just for it.

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