When being snobby is encouraged.

GMO's are creepy.  We can probably all agree on that.
Organic is better, local is good, etc etc.  So, in an effort to live pure home-steady lives we plant victory gardens.  We compost, avoid pesticides, and feel quite proud at the constant and surprising growth.  But think about the plants you are bringing into your garden too.  Did you get them from the huge hardware superstore?  Did you know they are probably a GMO version of the vegetables we used to know?  So, what's the alternative?  
Seeds.  Heirloom seeds.
Starting from seed isn't as hard as it sounds.  You can remember to feed yourself everyday, right?  You don't let yourself bake in the sun, or get dehydrated.  Think of the potential of the seeds- they will become productive plants, feeding you and your family- an extension of yourself.  That helps me remember to care for them.  You will be vested in your garden- not just babysitting.

Here are some of my favorite sources for heirloom seeds.

The Gettle family practices what they preach (and sell).  I feel in love in their Petaluma seed bank, and have spent countless hours reading their catalogs.  Corny, I know.  But they have fruits & veggies that are rare, beautiful and tasty as hell.  They also stock some pretty amazing books too.  Recently they purchased Comstock, Ferre & Company, the oldest continuously operating seed company in New England.  Comstock offers free shipping on all of their seeds, but the Baker Creek collection is larger and more diverse.

http://www.seedsavers.org/Since 1975, SSE has been doing what they can to get the word out, and grow an extensive library of heirloom seeds.  Funded by memberships, they offer seeds, and free literature on how to save your own seeds.  If you're anywhere near Iowa, you an visit their information center, farm, and plant sales.  Despite all of the recent drama, I'm on board with SSE. 

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