Dear Business Owners.....

If you are going to do nothing more than bagels and coffee, please do them well. 
The humble bagel is more than just a blank slate for you to be creative with- it should be a well baked bread.
Don't under bake it.  Don't burn it. Don't be a dummy.
Coffee is more than just throwing grounds in a machine.  Have you even tasted the range of flavor you can get through fresh roasts, and less aggressive brewing techniques? Spend 5 minutes and a few dollars in a true coffee house, (not St*rbucks!) and then try your coffee again.  It's sad really.
And when you charge 300% on food, I understand, you're in business to make money.  But don't forget that without a respect to your customers, and their levels of taste, you have no business.

Good day sir!

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