seeds saving, 101

Every plant is different when it comes to saving seeds.  We addressed that a little with the tomato seed saving post last year.  Tomatoes have a sprout inhibiting slime around the seeds, which you need to remove, Anyhow.....
Today: Zucchini.
The first thing you need to do is let a zucchini grow to be country fair winningly large.  

Once the zucchini are overgrown, the seeds will be large enough to save, and successfully grown next season.  Please make sure you save seeds from heirloom plants- if you save hybrid seeds they will turn into something unfamiliar next year, typically closer to what their grandpappy plant was.

So, here we go:
1. Cut off the ends.

2. Cut in half or thirds, depending on the size.  
You just want to get it to a more managable size.

3. Run your knife down the center, splitting the zucchini into thirds.
Like so....

4. Run your finger into the center of each section, removing the largest seeds.

5. Now it's time to dry the seeds.
You can space them out on a paper towel, and when they dry, put that towel into a large envelope.  You can literally plant the paper towel and it will compost itself as the seeds sprout.
Or, you can let them dry (about 1 week), and then put them in an envelope, in a jar.  It's important to keep moisture out, so don't put them in the fridge.

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