Get out.

Ready for a holiday, vacation, break from the hustle and bustle?
Instead of laying on a beach, or taking the metro to a museum, how about a farm stay?  
Sign me up, sister.
 So, no uncle in the midwest on your dad's side you can borrow a barn from?  Don't fret, check out Farm Stay U.S!
It's a fantastic website that helps you connect with farms, ranches and vineyards across our beautiful country.  
What better way to get to know a community, and help support it's hard working people? Some are true working farms, where you can get your hands dirty.  Others are more of a bread and breakfast addition to a farm, but nonetheless lovely and rustic.  

Relax, learn, explore, enjoy!


  1. Wow, thanks for the mention. So glad you found our site. We have working farms in all 50 states and even one in the U.S. Virgin Islands! Like you said, some you can get your hands dirty; others you can just relax with a good book and a bottle of your favorite wine/beer/soda and listen to the country around you!

  2. I'm all about it, and will continue to promote! Happy to have found you!

  3. Kerri, my roommates totally want to start something like this in Vermont! Its part of their life plan now.