Baby Eggplant.

Ain't she sweet?
There are so many varieties, this being a "Cloud Nine" getting its name from it's all white appearance.
I am expecting about 75 days to maturity, according to the seed packet.

The other varities growth can range as follows:
Large Oval Fruit
Dusky (60 days to harvest, good size, early production)
Epic (64 days, tear-drop shaped)
Black Bell (68 days, round to oval, productive)
Black Magic (72 days)
Classic (76 days, elongated oval, high quality)
Black Beauty (OP-80 days)
Burpee Hybrid (80 days)
Ghostbuster (80 days; white, slightly sweeter than purple types; 6 to 7 inch oval).
Elongated Fruit
Ichiban (70 days)
Slim Jim (OP-70 days; lavender, turning purple when peanut-sized; good in pots)
Little Fingers (OP-68 days; 6 to 8 inch, long, slim fruit in clusters).
Ornamental Fruit
Easter Egg (52 days; small white, egg-sized, shaped, turning yellow at maturity; edible ornamental)

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