Profile: Fennel

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a hardy perennial herb. 
I have found it very easy to grow, flourishing in my container garden.  
Unfamiliar with it?  Well, it's extremely aromatic and flavorful, being on of the primary ingredients of absinthe. The bulb is crunchy and slightly sweet, treated as a vegetable, often being found in salad or braised down as a side dish.

The leaves look similar to dill, and can be as an herb or garish.  The seeds are used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.
It has a mild anise like flavor, and reminds me of black licorice.  It's much more mild though- I avoid licorice like the plague, but can appreciate the mild and delicate bite of fennel.
The herb is also used as a natural medicine to aid digestion.  It's also given to nursing mothers to help encourage milk production.  
If you look, you may find wild fennel, as it has become an invasive species in North America.
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  1. "often being found in salad or braised down as a side dish"...or in your own personal green devil distillery. Haha, just kidding. Great blog.