PROGRESS REPORT: Heirloom Tomatoes

As an attempt to give my husbands and animals a break, I decided to mother something else instead: 72 baby tomato plants. There are 4 heirloom varieties. 
I have equal numbers of Yellow Pineapple, Brandywine, Purple Cherokee and Red Zebra.  The first 3 varieties were from seeds I saved in the fall, from McGrath Family Farms.  You can find my how to post here.
90% of the seeds have sprouted!
Maybe it's the magical combination of light, water, warmth.  Is it the thoughtfully mixed soil?  Is it my constant concern?  Maybe.  And just maybe it's the 24 hour jazz.

Only 2 seeds didn't sprout- not bad since I started with 72!
The 2nd set of leaves have come in on all of the seedlings.
  We're moving right along. 

Please stand by.


  1. Oh my goodness Kerri - you are too cute! 72 tomato plants! Now that is alot of tomatoes :) Let me know how it goes. Tomatoes are my favorite fruit and I had a difficult time growing any worth eating last year...

  2. How about I do the first part? Kick start them, and get them over to you to take from there? You'll love these- heirloom, organic, and full of flavor! I saved the seeds from a farmer who sold at the same farmer's market.