Okie Dokie.

My garden continues to be a source of insight for me.
Today's lesson; don't give up.

I was confidently growing an artichoke in my front yard.   
The progress made in it's growth was exciting- it was very leafy, about 10 inches tall, and had a small 'choke developing.  Within a few days it went yellow and brown, and the leaves all dropped off.
I pulled the plant from the ground over a month ago.  It was completely dead, or so I thought. I tossed it into a planter bed on the side of my house, neglecting it completely. I was sad but quickly filled it's spot with lavender, and it has been doing well.

Today I noticed the little artichoke that could.  I picked it up since it had been laying on it's side, roots exposed.  It has now been replanted in that bed, and I gave it love with the herb cuttings and some compost.  
So, moral of the story....don't give up on the sad looking plants in your garden.  
A little TLC can go along way.

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