It's the Jam!

My sister blessed me with some figs fresh from her garden.
To be honest, these are the first figs I have ever touched. So, the idea of a jam sounded like a safe intro, especially when strawberries play a supporting roll.
It's almost sinful how easy it is to make preserves/jam/jellies.
The most important part is sterilizing the jars/lids, and then processing the filled jar to avoid any nightmares.
I used 3 cups of sliced strawberries and figs (1 1/2 cup each) and brought it to a boil.  In goes a packet of nature no sugar added fruit pectin.  Instead of introducing cups of sugar, I used 1 cup of white grape juice and a tablespoon on honey- also into the boiling fruit.
Once it's all combined and boils for a few minutes, use a funnel and fill sterilized jars.  Leave 1/4 headspace.  More space would cause it to discolor, and less would lead to fireworks and jam on your ceiling.  Seal with lids and process in simmering water bath for a max of 10 minutes.
Last step:  Enjoy, and don't forget to share the love.


  1. Oh you did it! Looks delicious. I love love love figs. I am almost out of my jar of fig preserve. Wanna part with any of yours?

  2. Raech, I'd love to share with you.