True Beans

Slacking? Maybe.
Well, I'm back to posting, with the help of a great cup of coffee.
Whole Foods makes a point to carry local products, and that's where I found TRUE BEANS coffee.
I read that they roast right here in Long Beach, so they made it into my cart.  
Call me easy, that's fine.
I was excited at the chance to find a locally roasted coffee that doesn't smell and taste like it's burnt.  I appreciate the old school roaster on 2nd street does, but that doesn't always translate into a good brew.
Well, beside the fact that True Beans are in town, they actual roast a mean bean.
They roast in small batches, and only all organic Rainforest Alliance Certified  and  Fair Trade Certified™coffee beans.  
Heaven in a cup? Yes.
Their artisan expertise came through to me- it was smooth, flavorful and really hit the spot.
The company is only 2 years old, but I expect them to be around for quite some time.
If you don't see them on the shelf at your market, ask for it.
Otherwise, shop online and enjoy free shipping on any order over 5 lbs....

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