A California Girl, in Jersey.

It's easy to get caught up in my head, and my neighborhood.  It's easy to forget that as I am feeling uncomfortable in 50 degree weather, there are places buried under snow.  Spending Christmas in New Jersey, in the snow, has reminded me, I'm (once again) overdue for a good dose of perspective.
The idea of a white Christmas is romantic, especially when we have plane tickets back to the sunshine.  But what if this was my reality?  Could I handle it?  My husband has been outside in the snow for a half hour, shoveling, for fun.  Seriously.  Fun!?  I can't even wrap my frozen head around the idea of that.
As I plan my spring garden I don't have to take into consideration the deer, rabbit and hungry gopher.  Last frost?  We never get a first.  My watermelon could probably make it though December.  I've realized that when it comes to seasons in the garden, I'm spoiled.  I can still go out back and pull some swiss chard and peppers for dinner.  Looking around here in the snow, I couldn't imagine trying to make a living off of the land.  How do you survive the winter months?  What if a freak storm comes along and destroys your autumn crops?  It seems to work out though, since south New Jersey is full of farmland.  They make it work.   I suppose you really appreciate that first sprout, and each spring the first tomato must seem so bright and delicious. Waiting all year for strawberries must make the day they arrive extra special.
And the process of canning makes so much sense out here.  It's out of necessity, and also a sense of history that I sometimes feel disconnected with.  So, what to do?  I'm talking to everyone I that can about their experiences growing food here.  What tricks and what troubles? 
I'm getting some past due perspective.
....And, I'm thankful.....

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