Revisiting my Favorite Sin!

Hello holidays.  I missed you.  I think about you sometimes; your yuletide awesomeness.  As much as I hate freezing my ass off, I am enjoying an actual season change.  It helps me believe in the whole "white Christmas" possibility.
Can you think of a  better way to welcome December than fattening up a la Ol' Saint Nick?
.....Me either.
I went ahead and got the fat train moving with this little number.
Mac & cheese, deluxe!
Once you have the basics down for a cheese sauce, you can get creative and go nuts, which I did here.  I started the bechamel base with bacon fat, naturally.  But that was out of pure resource- I had just fried bacon, and I wasn't about to waste!
A mix of five cheeses went in, including an amazing 10 year cheddar and brie.  After a little (or a lot) of heavy cream, we were in business.  I baked the whole number, and topped it with a mix of fried onions, panko bread crumbs, bacon and Romano cheese.

 Ding dong.

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