Drink up!

It's happening.  My worst fears, realized.
The price of coffee is going up, up, up!
Ok, maybe it's not my worst fear, but it's up there.

Let me explain.....
It may not be immediately apparent, but it will be.   
The price of "green" coffee has risen over 50% in the past year.  That means the raw beans are increasing in price,  so expect to see it on the front end soon.  Many coffee producers are already reporting increased prices in single cup and bulk coffee like Tully's, Starbucks, and Folgers. 
So, why is this happening?  Why?!?!
Basically, good ol' supply vs. demand.  Coffee producers are having lower yields, which is partly to blame on the weather.  Also, an increasing amount of people/countries/cultures are reaching for the cup.   Can you blame them?  Eastern cultures are forgoing their tea for a more western way to wake, coffee!

So, drink up, while you can still afford to! 
I can't wait to see the prices of my favorite specialty roasters increase, like Stumptown, Illy, or Intelligentsia.  Currently Stumptown is averaging $15 per 12oz bag.... ouch.
They have already been priced at a premium, but fair is fair, and you can taste the difference.  I guess it's time to really savor the cup, and be a more conscious consumer.  I already have stopped eating and buying cheap-o meat & dairy because I know you get what you pay for.
Check out the news report from NPR on it..
.... or read about it on CNN Money.

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