Camping in Big Sur.

Big Sur, California is an amazing place.
We spent the last few days camping in an epic location there, in the Los Padres National Forest.  You can't beat it.  Forest meets ocean, mild weather, and everything that comes along with that.
It was pretty sweet, and we even set up camp under a big olive tree.....lovely!
But besides all of that, I really wanted to stress the EATING part of camping. COOKING too.  You can do it.  Especially if you are "car camping", which basically means you park, set up, camp.  We can discuss long hike backpacking food later, which also doesn't have to be compromised to fit in your sack.
So, car camping?  You deserve more than a can of beans.  With a little preparation and thoughtful packing, you can cook an amazing mean to enjoy in the wilderness.  Big points.
 A good cast iron skillet is an essential item, that can cook almost anything you'd want to make while camping.  And considering you shouldn't use dish soap to clean them, bonus since you're not in a kitchen, with a proper sink, eh?
The picture doesn't do it justice.  "What, my dear, is that?"  you ask?
Only the best Sunday morning breakfast while camping.  Blueberry pancake and sausages.  Quiet simple- just pack the box mix, a bag of frozen blueberries, and sausages.  The can all cook up in the same pan too.  Again, bonus!

Make a big batch of pasta salad ahead of time or chili in the crock- both great and easy.  Pulled pork is a slow cook meal you can do ahead too, and its easy to reheat.
Here we have a beautifully sinful pot of sauteed onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and little more of that sausage..........
 ....and bacon.....(thank you cast iron)
....all coming together with beans, eggs, cheese, avocado & salsa to make on killer burrito.  This thing was so dang good, and it helped us settle into our chairs for the rest of the night.  Que the sky full of stars, and a little whiskey.
So grab your friends, slow down, cook with your heart, and eat well. 

I'd say!

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