Hot damn! Hot toddies!

Yes, it's that time of year.  For the lucky folks who live anywhere besides southern California, the leaves are changing.  Regardless, the air is brisk, I'm wearing boots again, and there are jack-o-lanterns lit.
More importantly, it's toddy time!
Who doesn't like a warm boozy drink? 
I sure do.  Especially one that has been used for more than fore score to fight a cold or flu. Tried and true! So, since I had the flu I figured now is a good time....and hey, it helped!  Not sure that it healed, but it numbed... and that works for me!
(unless you're reading this in the early a.m....get yourself together!)

Pour a "shot" of Scotch/Whiskey into a cup or mug, add boiling water to it. Add a spoonful of honey or sugar. Add a half slice of lemon, 2 cloves and, if you have one, a cinnamon stick. Let it brew for 3–5 minutes.
Depending on preference, you can remove the cloves and cinnamon stick before drinking, although leaving them in is often said to make a toddy even better for clearing a blocked nose and relieving a head cold....

KICK IT WAY UP and use apple cider instead of water, or through in a tea bag while it brews.   We went with the apple cider since it 'tis the season!

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