From the heart.

Nothing makes me happier than learning more about John Lennon.  Seriously.
He embodied a certain spirit, and I can't always find the words to describe it.

David Sheff's interview with Lennon, 2 days before he passed in 1980, have been recently re-released as an e-book.  In it, there are stories from John about his love of baking bread.
 I wasn't sure it was possible, but my crush with a Beatle (who passed away weeks before my birth) just got bigger.  He goes on the share the feeling of becoming closer to his family, and the importance of the decision to slow the party.

In the interview, John describes how the new and strong feelings he got from joy in the kitchen helped to inspire his music.  The burst of creativity made way for  Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey.
 “All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono” by David Sheff  is published by Macmillan as an ebook ($4.99 at Barnes & Noble and Amazon’s Kindle Store). The paperback published in 2000 is out of print.