Fallen Fruit Presents, EATLACMA!

June 27, 2010–November 11, 2010
 Welcome to the next installment of LACMA's year long look into food, culture, politics and of course art!  In February they hosted fruit tree giveaways, and last month they celebrated with tomatoes.
The Fallen Fruit summer display kicks off this Sunday, June 27th.

The museum opens 11am to 8pm
BYO Picnic from 5-8pm
Join in with a guerrilla style picnic near the amphitheater to celebrate and meet new friends.  BYOP (picnic) or you can purchase food in the cafe. 
Picnic Blankets and acoustic musical instruments welcome for the after-picnic in the park.

And how great is this???  The campus of the museum is hosting gardens designed by artists!
Check out the Artist Gardens Opening (and more to come) by:
Didier Hess (Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess)
Lauren Bon
The Roots of Compromise ( John Burtle, Ari Kletsky and Owen Driggs)
Fallen Fruit (David Burns, Matias Viegener, Austin Young)
National Bitter Melon Council (Hiroko Kikuchi, Jeremy Chi-Ming Liu, Misa
Saburi, Andi Sutton)
ųa Sonjasdotter

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