VIE Water.

At the east village farmer's market in LB Saturday, there was a booth for VIE Water.
It is a non-profit started by a Haitian born, Los Angeles based Mickelson Civil.
Through donations and sales of VIE Water labeled bottles, VIE Water helps to build wells and bring clean water to the poorest areas of Haiti.

"Did you know that children in Haiti have the highest death and disease rate of any children in our hemisphere? Many die during their first year of life. These children die from cholera, typhoid, and chronic diarrhea, all of which are all waterborne diseases.  With clean water these children would live."

Their website has a paypal set up to accept donations, or ytou can help by volunteering in a number of ways.....according to a recent post of their's on facebook, 
"$10 can provide 1 person with clean water for decades."

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