The Grunion are Running!

Tonight is another summer Grunion run-
this time just north of Malibu.
Grunion are known for their very unusual mating ritual. At very high tide, the female come up on sandy beaches and dig their tails into the sand to lay their eggs. A male then wraps himself around the female to deposit his sperm. For the next ten days the grunion eggs remain hidden in the sand, but at the next set of high tides the eggs hatch and the young grunion are washed out to sea.  It's a great show, AND IT ONLY HAPPENS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (oh, and Mexico. Sorry guys I got excited.)
Here is more info on the specific location.
  We caught a run about a month ago in Venice, which was super fun, but way past my bed time.
A few people were actually fishing for them during the run.  
I was told they are a fatty little fish, similar to smelt.  
My opinion- too cute to eat.

Here's a list of future runs.
...bring a flashlight.  That is unless you have cat like vision.

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