The Cooking Channel, Launched.

The people who brought you The Food Network has converted the Fine Living Network format to The Cooking Channel.  The launch was today, May 31st.  I found it on my Verizon service, channel 166.  It is not in HD yet (boo!) but is meant to be in the works.    Programing includes a show hosted by Mo Rocca, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Julia Child re-runs!  There is a voice for grassroots approaches and a lot of international programming.

“The feel and style we’re going for is a little grittier, a little edgier, a little hipper,” said Bruce Seidel, the senior vice president for programming and production for the Cooking Channel.
“Someone sent over a demo for a potential show where you could see they were breaking chickens’ necks in a restaurant,” Mr. Smith said. “I do think we would do that on the Cooking Channel.”
Stay tuned....

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