Recommended Reading.

Ever feel a little disconnected from your food and where is came from? 
Do you enjoy a side of politics with your lunch?  ...Me too.
gives historical/political backing/grounds for the move to something local and simple.   
Through the co-authors, you will read stories from Gustavo Esteva's Mexico, and Madhu Suri Prakash's India and the results of globalization and industrialization of food on each. 
"...this results in two types of modern deserts: physical and cultural.  Without the tending of human hands, top soil is being blown away, along with the stories, rituals and practices that make cultural soil."

They give perspective to importance of the local, of community, and food as community.....
 "We are interested in knowing about the kinds of lives lived by the hens whose eggs we eat; we want to know what type of soil our lettuce springs from.  And we want to ensure that not only were the animal and plants we bring to our palate treated well; we are critically examining our eating habits so that the farmers who work for us will not die of deadly diseases or become infertile because of the chemicals they were force to spray on their fields." 
**To give full disclosure, I was required to read this as part of my Bachelor's program.**
It's heady, but it's solid babe.

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