Layers of Good.

I went to a fantastic workshop today at The Environmental Charter High School 
in Lawndale.   This school makes me wish I was 15 again.  
Their experiential learning focuses on ecology and sustainability.
The school grounds are covered in fruits, vegetable and native plant gardens.  Above, rain barrels.
 The students compost, and run a native plants nursery.


The workshop was hosted by From Lot to Spot, a non-profit that helps turn empty lots into an important community space.
The presentation was put on by Chris and Claudia from  
They discussed the effects of colonization on indigenous peoples diets and health. They reviewed the importance of eating locally, seasonally, and consciously; the importance to both our physical and mental health.  And they discussed the industrialization and politics of our current food state.
Imagine if Gustavo Esteva and Michael Pollan had a love child.....fantastic!

Chris and Claudia prepared and shared some vegan goods.
They served posole de zetas; a mexican soup with a red chili base. It had mushrooms and hominy, and was topped with fresh onions, cilantro, radish & cabbage.  VERY VERY GOOD.  
There was also a wrap with homemade hummus, avocado, red onion and verdolaga.

Don't be jealous, check out their sites and get a little for yourself people!

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